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08 February 2011 @ 04:46 pm
in.the.net. world.  
El-jaying not out of boredom. Being so busy yet I just couldn't help it. At ELAB but got distracted, with stuff, as per usual. Tee-hee-yay? D: Phail me. *slumps*

Remember Friendster? Who doesn't. Before MSN and Skype there was ICQ and mIRC. Heck I still remember my ICQ UIN; #111302626. It was there when I had my first virtual affair with a thirty year old dude, whom I don't know his whereabouts for now. Hah. And KidPub was one of the best hangouts for the 7 year old me. The website still exists! Google it. :D

So how awesome was Friendster then? We could grab photos from friends. Blinkie art. LMAO. Embedded Youtube videos. Autoplay music that would blast out from the speakers whenever you refresh one's profile. Never got into the Myspace bandwagon, but Friendster was more than enough for me. And, they had blurry photos like this. Memories. ♥.

IMY, Friendster. ;)

Siew Ling's status on FB reminded me of how much I adore Maria Mena. Such an inspirational figure. MY idol. :') That could be the reason why her lyrics are so relatable. Hits right back at myself; all the time.

SS3; yay or nay? Mom would be around by then, and the tickets cost a bomb. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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