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02 February 2011 @ 02:33 pm
Summing up the week, in pictures.

Shortest meetup, evah. With Darmah and Fatimah.

Pavillion again; with friends. Just before the holidays.

Saratha and Fatimah! I miss you girls trying to squash-wuash meeeee till I become as flat as a chapati. :)

Sharon. (:

Us four, once again. Yogginy we miss ya.

All of Us.

Reunion dins dins tonight will be very different. Eating out for a change, but one thing's for sure, the little old tossing yeesang at a Japanese restaurant tradition" remains. Hee. :)

I wish there is a gaze//nerd button in me right now. So I can switch it on and will never turn it off.

I'm just one of those ghosts;
Traveling endlessly;
Don't need no roads;
In fact they follow me.

[mood| verythe-freakin unproductive.]
[music| "Misguided Ghosts" Paramore.]
30 January 2011 @ 12:19 pm

I can relate so much to Pink's Fucking Perfect. Years of fighting the demons inside me, and I will not give up. Relapses, but I will stand up, stronger, than ever. I can only hope. :)

I always have doubts towards two things; love, and friendship. These two are like a temporary phase, and they are as fragile as a piece of glass. Shatter once mishandled, broken in mere seconds. I can never sound philosophical, but I shudder at the thought of losing friends, losing the people I love. Some ditch the old friends for new ones, when they realise where they truly belong, friends turn into lovers; and vice versa. Everything's just a fine thin line between each other. Being forgotten, being left alone. Neglected. Finding each other. Enjoying each other's company.

One thing's for sure, family stays with you, through thick and thin. I am happy to be home in months, and I will treasure every moment with my family, even if it's just staying at home, chilling out while watching locally-produced Chinese New Year Music Videos. Heh. Those are some priceless moments that can never be exchanged. With anything. At all. This is my kind of LOVE.

And mummy's food as well. LOVE #2.


you're always bound to fall;
there's nothin you can do;
the weight of gravity begins;
to pull you down again.

Matthew Perryman Jones - Out of Reach.

[mood| thinking.]
[music| "Out of Reach" Matthew Perryman Jones.]
23 January 2011 @ 03:53 am
I swear, I have the weirdest sleeping hours; ever. And I have been stoning for the past 24 hours doing literally, nothing. I needo to start revision again pretty soon. I just have no idea why I couldn't study. Tried to get thoughts out of my head but, in all honesty nothing has been bothering me, just that, I couldn't study at all. So I decided to blog to end procrastination. There will never be enough of ♥s to sum up these two weeks. Orientation, meeting "awesome" juniors, regular late night suppers, gaining weight, unable to exercise and swim much, life has never been this wonderful. Emceeing with a sore voice was a pretty new experience too, despite the fact that I stuttered my way throughout the days when I was on stage, and didn't live up to my own expectations. Kinda glad I don't have to handle the Finale Night, or it would have been a disaster. Sang in Chinese with Mary in front of a large crowd for the very first time as well. Probably my first proper duet ever, not much harmonisation done due to lack of practice and last minute preparations, but it was alright. Anything is better than talking and interacting with the crowd. Now THAT was awkward.

With the awesome-to-the-max Awesomax Members and Batchmates.

Rehearsal. Me trying to enunciate those.. pinyin. Super toughie I tell you.

Helped out for IMU Open Day over the weekend. Job involved handling the electrocardiogram and performing demonstration to the public on how it works. Basically it's all about clueless pharmacy students teaching the public. We did get feedback from aunties who left us pretty baffled and speechless. Nevertheless it was a rewarding, eye-opening experience. Skipped duty to hang out at the Nursing Ward; and manage to *cough* show off my rusty CPR skills as well. Not to mention free lunch at the cafeteria was provided. IMU being generous for a day.

Class test on Friday; majorly awesome Karaoke session after that. Probably Hands down; definitely the best Karaoke session I ever had. It's the Karaoke companions and definitely song choices that matter the most; at the end of the day. And My Chemical Romance. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. 'Nuff said. ♥ Pretty much lost our voice again at the end of the day.

Super Show III on the 19th March 2011; yay or nay? A tough decision to make. And that also depending if I still have enough cash by February oh FML. And oh wow, a proper update in years. Hopefully now I've gained enough momentum to gaze. Teehee.

And oh, Wednesday. Can't hardly wait. Not Practical Exams, duh. Hope plans would go well, whatever they are. :)

Then, Mummy and daddy and lovely homely Ipoh on Saturday. Gosh I miss home so effing much. And it just hit me that I'm hitting the big double 2 soon. Yee Yee. Uh-oh. YY needs to grow up.

and how my thoughts they spin me round;
and how my thoughts they let me down.

then there's you.

[mood| gazetime.]
[music| "Falling In Love" Mcfly.]
18 January 2011 @ 05:04 am

You are the loneliest girl in the world;
Taking your hits as they come.

It's in the way you fall down to bed;
It's in the way you cry when he's not looking.

♥. Perfect background music when gazing. (other than the sound of my table fan).


[mood| habisla.]
[music| "Loneliest Girl in the World" Cary Brothers.]
12 January 2011 @ 05:15 am
Orientation drains you out like whoa.

Day 2 and I'm down with flu, sore throat and fever. And woke up today not being able to speak. (Yay nay?)

I don't believe in miracles, but for now I really need to fully recover before Friday's huge huge event. Need to sing; need to sing. Le sigh.


And Class Test next week. So. Screwed. Up. Sobs.

This looked like the perfect movie to watch on a cold, emo weekend.

[mood| urgh.]
[music| "Stay" Estrella.]